India is one of the countries that is still struggling with the problem of illiteracy. The literacy rate in the country stands at 74.04% (according to the National Census, 2011). When it comes to children, the effects of illiteracy are manifold.

Challenge – The cause of Education for the Unprivileged Child. 

The underprivileged community does not have access to quality education and our project targets the disadvantaged community. The project aims to solve this inequality in education by raising money and providing support to NGOs in Books, Stationary and Daily Meals that will help the little ones and their families in the longer run. 


Through this project aims to support NGOs that provide international standard “Free-of-Cost” education to the underprivileged children. Through this project, we will help the children become skilled labor as they grow up bringing positive changes in their families and communities alleviating poverty.