About us

Education has been a pathway to liberty for millions across the globe. Liberty from poverty, abuse, oppression, crime and even malnutrition has been made possible through education. Sadly, not everyone gets access to it, and they remain in a stratum of society that never realises their dreams or achieves their true potential.

In India, the literacy rate stood at 74.04% (as per the National Census, 2011). Even though there is practically a school in every village, education remains a privilege some simply cannot afford. And even if children from an underprivileged background get enrolled in a school, the chances of them dropping out are high. The National Dropout Rate at Elementary School is over 40% (as per the District Information System for Education). To cut it short, the situation is grim and various factors continue to make education inaccessible to the underprivileged instead of it being a birthright.

Akula Foundation works to raise awareness in communities and empowers them to gain access to schools. We work with the government at every level to make education more accessible and give underprivileged children all the resources that empower them. Our pragmatic approach has enabled us to be more effective and come up with solutions that have long-term and far-reaching consequences. Join us in our journey to empower underprivileged children with the power of education.

Problems, solutions & Mission


To make education more accessible and a reality for the downtrodden sections of our society, thus enabling them to fulfil their potential and further their development. 

The Problem

Underprivileged children simply lack the resources and encouragement needed to pursue education. There are roadblocks at every level that hinders their growth, be it poverty or lack of infrastructure. The problem starts at a grassroots level and begins with raising awareness. It’s a tremendous task and requires slow, steady steps towards empowering these children.

The solution

Akula Foundation partners with local schools and raises funds to improve their infrastructure. Our donation drives provide them with necessary resources such as books and stationary, thus giving these children a ray of hope and the support system that helps them grow.